Stichting Straatkinderen Ghana
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Project description: Kinder Garden

Project title:
Construction of sanitary facilities to use a building as a kinder garden for poor children. In this kinder garden the children will get a warm lunch every day.

Currency of project:
Pilot project for three years, with good results there is a chance of extension

Person to turn to:
Kerstin Hense-Buisman


Project partner:
Shepherd’s Home in Accra/ Ghana

To give small children from poor circumstances the possibility to receive a suitable care and to give their parents the possibility to go to work and earn money. The children get a warm well-balanced lunch.

Small children aged from 0 to 6 years.

We are looking for one or more sponsors to support this project financially. The costs are € 5.000, -. (The future costs aren’t included yet.)