Stichting Straatkinderen Ghana
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Project description: Education

Project title:
Support of girls without funds in and around Accra to learn a trade for example hairdressing, sewing.

Currency of project:
3 years until the end of the training

Person to turn to:
Kerstin Hense-Buisman


Project partner:
Shepherd’s Home in Accra/ Ghana

To give young girls in and around Accra the possibility to learn a trade. This will help them to get a better place in society and to make them financially manage their own family.

Young girls from 16 years and older.

To start with an education the girls have to pay an amount of €200,- to the educator. Monthly contribution of €25,-, this includes the costs of training and food. The young girls don’t get anything during their education.
Monthly (part) sponsorship of €25,-
Single payment