Stichting Straatkinderen Ghana
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Chairman/ Treasurer: Kerstin Hense-Buisman
In 2000 I went to Ghana for a traineeship. Since this time I feel very attached to the country and the people. Now I go back regularly For me it is important that I can also do something in the Netherlands for some people in Ghana.


Secretary: Daphne Ayi
Since 1999 I feel attached to Ghana. First through the work I did at projects for street children. Later it went over to family connections. In the daily live I am a mother of two boys and I am working at a primary school with children who need learning aid.


Member of the board: Birte Wagner                                 I wasnít in Ghana yet but I am living in a multicultural district in Antwerp with my family and I am working in an international environment. Because of that I hear and see sometimes challenges which arenít happening in our closed environment. However I find it very important to support local organizations en self-support. That is the reason I have chosen for the foundation street children Ghana which supports and accompanied local projects and activities.