Stichting Straatkinderen Ghana
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A warm welcome to the website of Foundation street children Ghana (Stichting Straatkinderen Ghana)

To start I want to tell you a short story about how it came to this foundation:

In 2000 I was in Ghana for the first time. By then I was working with young pregnant girls from the streets, who got their baby’s at Street Girls Aid in Accra. These young mothers got a chance to learn a trade in this home.

At my first day in Accra I got to know Abigail (18 years old)*. She lived in the same house I lived. We talked a lot with each other. Every day I got to know more about her although her English was relatively bad. We developed a friendship. Until now we are still friends.

Two months later I felt that Abigail didn’t have a future. She was always used through people as a cleaner, babysitter or she had to sell ice water on the streets. She didn’t have any income and didn’t get support from her family. She wanted to be a hairdresser. I thought about how I could help her when I got in contact with Thomas Okyere. He had founded a little project for street children with the name Shepherd’s Heart. I asked him if he could take care of Abigail. I wanted to support her financially and wanted to use him as a mediator.

Abigail finished her education successfully after three years. Now she has a small hairdressing salon in Accra. With a small contribution you can support children and youths like Abigail in Ghana and you can give them a chance for their future.

We want to thank you for your interest in our project.

With friendly regards,

Kerstin Hense-Buisman

*I changed her name.